Penetration into the depths of the network

The hunt was long, but the cyber-customs officers caught it pretty well. On May 17, these Internet fraud investigators, overseen by the Ministry of Economy, liquidated LMP (Le Monde Parallel), the largest French-speaking deep web forum. A very free discussion site that mostly “Supermarket of prohibited goods”, according to agents. Among other illicit services, the LMP offered drugs (cannabis, cocaine, synthetic drugs, etc.), weapons, and a range of fake identity documents.

Two platform administrators, a man and a woman, known under the pseudonyms Cyborz and Eir, were arrested on the same day at their homes. Both were charged on May 21 with complicity in a seemingly endless array of crimes, from drug trafficking to arms trafficking, gang fraud and computer hacking. Cyborz was remanded in custody and Ayr was under judicial supervision.

Rare customer footprints

Launched in 2018, LMP went live in the fall of 2019, taking advantage of the dismantling of two other French-speaking dark web giants, Black Hand, in June 2018, and the French Deep Web-Market, a year later. “Then all the sellers switched to LMP”, explains the person in charge of the cyberduan cell.

A platform specialized in carding, that is, the theft and resale of banking data, to the point of piracy of gift cards, has reached about 2,500 registrants, all co-opted or duly verified by site managers, and dozens of merchants. He had several hundred connections a day and would have raised tens of thousands of euros over the past two years. It took several months to investigate, as traces left by clients of this type of sites are rare: the use of pseudonyms, untraceable payments made in cryptocurrency, accounts opened with fake documents …

“Cyborgs in real life lived off acting, odd jobs and delinquency. »Someone close to business

However, it has been four years since investigators spotted 25-year-old Kyborz, the founder of the LMP. Installed in the Metz area, it was already known in the courts on charges of fraud and human trafficking. “Cyborg in real life lived on temporary, odd jobs and delinquency”, informs the person close to the file.

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