Pension reform: CGT Energie wants renewed strike and fight convergence

Renewed strikes, targeted layoffs… CGT Energie today held consultations with all CGT trade unions in the sector to discuss the strategy to be followed.

The CGT Energy Federation, the first electricity and gas union, is hoping for a renewed strike against pension reform and is not forbidding itself “anything” in its “battle plan”, especially with “target cuts” and actions in support of other striking sectors. .

“We are pushing for the extension to be confirmed, but the pickets continue to confirm the resumption of the strike movement,” FNME-CGT federal secretary Claude Martin told AFP on Friday. industry unions. Depending on the sites, different strategies may be required, he said. And the strikes were renewed “every evening the next day”, and movements for several days, for several periods, “leaving breaks in the middle”, “but it is possible that from the very beginning it is a little hard everywhere” and, therefore, from the beginning national day of action on January 19th.

“Energy, electricity and gas are at the heart of the entire economy”

Another instrument of pressure, “target cuts” in administrative buildings such as ministries, or on traffic radars. In a broader sense, “restoring the working tool” is on the agenda, sometimes in support of other sectors of activity.

Thus, strikers in transport, in metallurgy, petrochemistry, or in ports and docks, can count on electricians and gas workers to stop their working tool: “there will be no isolated federations, each in its own corners,” warned Claude Martin, whose federation intends to “work towards bringing the struggle closer together.”

“Energy, electricity and gas are at the heart of the entire economy, so in order for all employers to express their dissatisfaction, unfortunately this can affect the economy and some companies will also face difficulties in working,” the union leader adds.

CGT, the leading union in the energy sector, plans to delay gas storage operations or prevent gas carriers from unloading in addition to reducing electricity production. “Nothing has been decided, discussions are underway,” Mr. Martin concluded. On Monday evening, the CGT will meet with all energy federations to see if they agree with it and if they can implement a “common plan of action”.

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