Pensions: Elon Musk backs French government reform

On Twitter, Elon Musk called France’s pension reform “difficult but fair.” The boss of the social network supports this government project.

At least a million protesters

All trade unions, most of the opposition and a significant part of public opinion condemned the transfer of the age from 62 to 64 years, provided for by the pension reform in France. They called for a strike to protest this government project on Thursday 19 January.
At least a million French people took part in the demonstration, according to police, two million according to the CGT.

Difficult but fair

This strong mobilization bypassed social media. On Friday, January 20, Elon Musk reacted to a video presented as a demonstration against pension reform in Lyon.
On Twitter, the Tesla boss supported the delay in coming of age. According to him, Emmanuel Macron is engaged in a “difficult but fair” business.
“The retirement age of 62 was set when life expectancy was much shorter. It is impossible for a small number of workers to support a huge number of pensioners,” he added.

Meeting Elon Musk and Emmanuel Macron in December

The BFMTV channel recalls that Elon Musk and Emmanuel Macron met in December in the United States.
The head of the French state welcomed the “clear and sincere” discussion. On the social network, he announced that Twitter must make an effort to comply with European rules: transparent terms of use, a significant increase in content moderation and the protection of freedom of expression.

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