Pensions: Elon Musk once again defends lowering the retirement age, which he considers so far “too low”

On Twitter, Elon Musk ridiculed France for “seeming to enjoy a good strike/riot from time to time.” »


In January last year, Elon Musk intervened in the debate about pension reform by commenting on a video showing a procession of demonstrators from Lyon. “Macron is doing a difficult but right thing. Retirement was set at age 62, when life expectancy was shorter. Such a small number of workers cannot support such a huge number of retirees, ”the Twitter boss wrote on his own social network. On Saturday, the quirky billionaire reiterated his support for the executive’s bill in a controversial tweet. According to Cnews, the directors of Tesla and SpaceX reacted to footage showing incidents that occurred in Paris on the fields of protests.

This video, posted by the founder of the former illegal website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, shows trash cans set on fire in the French capital. “Paris tonight. Soon everywhere, ”the user warns under the post in the signature. “The retirement age in France is too low. This is a real problem,” retorts Elon Musk. A few minutes later, the businessman returned to leave a sarcastic comment: “France seems to appreciate the occasional good strike/riot. »

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Opposition deputies did not hesitate to respond to Elon Musk on Twitter. LFI MP Antoine Léoman ​​shared his statement, adding that “billionaire-backed reform is always bad and useless reform.” The main stakeholder, who is very active in social networks, did not give him an answer.

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