People are already making crazy games on Game Builder Garage

It’s been just over 10 days since the programming game Game Builder Garage Nintendo is out, and gamers are having a blast.

Well, okay, not all of them. There are those who, like me, quickly realize that they have done well not to become game developers. Honestly, when I look at the screen behind a simple game, my stomach hurts:


But some gamers who are much smarter than me have managed, in less than two weeks, to create absolutely stunning games or at least technical demos.

I’m showing you a few, and sharing the codes to try them out, because the online portion of Game Builder Garage is ridiculous and you absolutely have to enter a code manually to find a game.

Cat fight

Code: G 007 F9B C94
Created by: Bakelite

Inspired by cartoons Simon’s cat by Simon Tofield, this two player fighting game impresses. Okay, that’s not exactly Guilty Gear or Street Fighter V, but the game manages to integrate a functional life bar, sprites varied for each of the fighters, and even a small opening credits.


Mario kart

Code: G 002 HVR 0JL
Created by: ZeldaBoi

Visually, the work ZeldaBoi has done is simply breathtaking. It really looks like an “HD” version of the Super mario kart original.

It’s still a job that can be improved (there are no opponents on the track at the moment), but it’s still breathtaking for a project completed so quickly.

Jazz Ball

Code: G 001 WB1 HDC
Created by: MrJackpots

In this simple but effective little game, you play as a musical note, and you have to collect 10 green balls while avoiding the red balls.

But you play on a piano keyboard, accompanied by a drum and a cymbal. Each falling ball therefore plays a note that creates a jazz piece.

Nothing you’ll want to record, but fun nonetheless!

Harvest Life

Code: G 006 RRT DTW
Created by: Ronnie

A little simulation ofHarvest Moon, which is played in a few minutes. Plant vegetables, sell your radishes, buy chickens and find a soul mate… all in the time it takes to eat an apple!

Desert Bus

Code: G 001 3WJ YX1
Created by: ShiftKebab

The game Desert Bus, which is part of the compilation of games created by Penn and Teller for the Sega CD, has become cult, thanks in large part to the Angry Video Game Nerd.

ShiftKebab recreated this legendary game in Game Builder Garage, which asks us to drive a bus in a straight line for hours, with no music or nothing to keep us entertained.

And yes, the bus is pitching to the right like in the original, so it’s impossible to put duct tape on the trigger and do anything else with your day; you will get off the road and have to start over.

GBG Board Game

Code: G 008 FJX HJ5
Created by: Joel

This may not be what will replace the next one Mario party, but it’s still a neat use of the Game Builder Garage suite. You must roll the dice manually, and move your pawns using the motion controls.

A kind of Tabletop Simulator with limited functions, therefore!

Link Goes Crazy In Town!

Code: G 000 BF3 2CD
Created by: Giulytsme

It’s not exactly a game, but more of a successful proof of concept. You play as a very cute illustration of Link, and you walk around the city.

You can smash jars and boxes, enrage merchants by smashing their displays, and more. And yes, if you attack the chickens, you will have to quickly take refuge, as in a real Zelda.

Pac-Man Pro Skater

Code: G 001 1Y0 M3N
Created by: Brenton

We are entitled here to a faithful recreation of the first level of the very first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater… except that you play Pac-Man. You will have to collect the letters SKATE, break the 9 crates and find the secret cassette.

Only flaw: you will never hear Superman by Goldfinger.


Code: G 002 91N DF7
Created by: ZeldaBoi

Probably the game copy that most closely resembles its original version.

You need to adjust your speed and direction to make the jumps and complete your laps as quickly as possible.

The difference to the original: if you fall, you won’t be able to see the little motorcyclist running to get back on his motorcycle.

PS: ZeldaBoi is also the creator of the version of Mario kart mentioned above. A prodigy!

Turn Based Battle Ver. 0.1

Code: G 001 BNM 0DB
Created by: Neko

As the title suggests, this is still a very preliminary version of the concept, but what has been completed so far is impressive.

We offer a fully functional turn-based combat, in the purest style of JRPGs. For now, it’s nothing but a simple clash, but we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Sizzling Stakes (SMP)

Code: G 000 GB8 T4H
Created by: André

My favorite mini-game of Super mario party was recreated in Game Builder Garage, motion controls included.

Be warned though: this version may be a bit more difficult than the original!


Code: G 002 457 18Y
Created by: Dargaran

Shmortal is a brilliant reinvention of Portal, the famous puzzle game.

In this version you have two balls. You throw one of the balls at the place you want to reach, and the other ball then serves as a portal to teleport you there.

A complete level with some good puzzles, Shmortal is worth trying.

The Legend of Zelda: Garage

Code: G 006 H0D XBF
Created by: PtiWiggler

Without doubt the most impressive game of all that I have tried.

We propose here a reinterpretation of the very first Zelda on NES. You will have to descend into the cave, arm yourself with a sword, collect rubies to buy bombs and flush out secret passages, while facing off against iconic enemies.

A tour de force!

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