People Can Fly (Outriders) strengthens its position in the United States

Business news People Can Fly (Outriders) strengthens its position in the United States

Newly released Outriders, People Can Fly (PCF) is already looking to the future: it announced last week that it had acquired Phosphorus Games, a Chicago-based development studio specializing in virtual reality and mobile gaming.

It was in a post published on his blog that the Poles of People Can Fly announced the news: they have acquired Phosphor Games. The newly named People Can Fly Chicago specializes in virtual reality and mobile gaming. She is at the origin of games like The Brookhaven Experiment, Man of Steel or The Dark Meadow. VSThe buyout obviously has a strategic goal, as Justin Corcoran (CEO of Phosphor Games) points out:

We are very happy to join People Can Fly to open a brand new AAA studio. Our goal is to strengthen PCF’s presence in the United States, and to help build People Can Fly as an international brand.

Phosphor Games therefore becomes the seventh subsidiary of People Can Fly. Founded in 2002, PCF has three studios in Poland (Warsaw, Rzeszów, Łódź), one in England (Newcastle), another in Canada (Montreal) and now two in the United States (New York and Chicago). A former subsidiary of Epic Games (Fortnite), People Can Fly left its parent company in 2015 to focus on its own games. He’s behind titles like Painkiller, Bulletstorm and the very recent TPS RPG published by Square Enix: Outriders.

The acquisition of a new subsidiary should help People Can Fly in the realization of its two current projects since the company now has 320 employees. She is currently working on two AAAs: another game for Square Enix and an action-adventure title commissioned by Take-Two Interactive (GTA).

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