People of trust ad site exceeds one million members

While it will celebrate its seven years of existence in a few days, the People of trust platform has just passed a major milestone: that of one million members. Boosted by the health crisis and successive lockdowns, the site has gained 300,000 users in a year. “Currently, we have around 80,000 ads online, with 1,500 to 2,000 news stories posted per day.”, explains Nicolas Davoust, co-founder of Gens de confidence in Nantes with Enguerrand Leger and Ulric Le Grand.

The particularity of this classifieds site compared to other platforms in the sector? Cooptation. “The registration of a new member is only done after the sponsorship of three relatives, family or friends. Already members of Trusted People, they vouch for the behavior of the new user on the platform.” Because with Trusted People, the three partners have made it their mission to restore confidence in exchanges in order to limit possible scams. A model that seems to seduce, and allows the startup to target two million members within 18 months.

The economic model
As on other platforms, there are all types of ads on Trusted People. “The most active categories remain those where the notion of trust is even more significant. These are personal services, such as childcare, real estate rentals and vacation rentals.”

If it is selective, registration on Trusted People is free. The startup bases its economic model on visibility options to boost ads or the publication of an ad for a seasonal rental. “There is no advertising or resale of the data. On the other hand, 15% of our income comes from donations from our members. It is a source of additional income, but above all an indicator to measure the attachment of the community to our platform “.

An offer for the self-employed
Today, members can post professional announcements, tagged as such. “By the start of the school year, we will give our members the opportunity to create professional profiles. They will thus be able to highlight on the platform the services they deploy as professionals as on a directory”, explains Nicolas Davoust. With this paid offer, Trusted People targets its members developing a self-employed activity: craftsmen, real estate agents, wealth advisers, health professionals, etc. “The idea is always to play on the notion of network, of trust …”

Based in Nantes, the startup now employs 47 people, including a technical team of 26 people, all on permanent contracts. “About ten positions are currently open, teleworking allows us to open up to territories other than Nantes.” To support its development, the start-up had carried out two financial transactions. In 2016, it had raised 1 million euros, including 500,000 euros raised from Partech Ventures, then 3 million euros in 2019. Today, Gens de Confiance, who hopes to achieve profitability at the end of the year 2021, does not envisage other operations.

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