Peppers, video games, dolls and Benabar: 13 activities for a weekend in Touraine – Info Tours


This Friday at 20:30, the New Atrium in Saint-Avertin also hosts the end-of-season show of the Chant’Avertin choir. This show is called Trinqu’Amourette. This is a vaudeville operetta. Love, wine, carelessness are evoked in the first part in the atmosphere of a Renaissance tavern by songs accompanied by a lute, theorbo, bass guitar, and in the second part there are always the same themes, but in a romantic era. Entrance: 10€.

Saturday evening at Le Petit Faucheux de Tours will host the team final of the French Poetry Cup. 6 teams of 3 poets from all over France will put all their efforts into their poetry and performing arts to try to win the cup and become the champions of French poetry in 2022… This will be preceded by an acoustic concert by Soan from 20:00 to 20:00. (An artist who follows in the footsteps of Leo Ferre or Mano Solo, as we are told). Entrance: 20 euros or 25 euros if you come in the afternoon for the first rounds of the slam.


This Friday at 4:00 p.m., Place Boucicaut in the Bordes-de-Loire district of Tours hosts the annual party. Lots of entertainment throughout the evening.

And then this Friday, the opening of the guinette at La Passerelle de Montlouis social and cultural center (until July 23). In this 3rd season, the site is available from Wednesday to Saturday. On the program: concerts, bar, snacks, recreation and games area, entertainment for children… Admission is free.

Finally, the Bateliers du Cher celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 on the banks of the river in Savonnières. In the program: various activities and free boat trips.


For the second year in a row, Signature Touraine, an association of authors and publishers in Touraine, is set up at La Charteuse du Liget in Chemy-sur-Indroit. 40 writers are expected there on Saturday and Sunday. FREE ENTRY. Under the open sky, under the barns, in a grandiose setting, the authors of the association will present their latest works. Around the monastery there will be many books on history, novels – detective stories, historical or fiction – works about heritage, biographies and children’s books … Open from 10:00 to 10:00, admission is free.

And then this Friday, a dedication meeting at 7:30 pm with Manon Antri-Paco at the bookstore-cafe La Vagabonde Rue Bernard Palissy. Description: Louise finds it hard to come to terms with the fact that her daughter has left the nest. Paula, her mother, always runs after the young man who eludes her. Anne, lost between the teenager she was and the adult she is becoming, seeks to capture the plurality of the feminine. Her friend Ines is buried under the weight of an abortion she thought she had to hide. This Sunday morning, at a now-traditional family dinner, the paths of these four women cross in a sisterly climax as necessary as it is powerful.


The Court of Tours organizes its third art exhibition on Saturday at the Salle des Pas Perdus (opening at 18:00). Therefore, Samara Benkel broadcasts her works until October 12 in free access. “I fell in love with abstract painting during my studies in fine arts, I like to experiment with the combination of colors and materials. I try to bring joy and sunshine from the Canary Islands where I was born. To do this, I often let chance and movement dance on the canvas as they please, taking bright colors with them,” the artist explains in the presentation of the event.

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