Pepsiman, Cool Spot, and seven other really bizarre advertising games [VIDÉOS]

Advertising and video games rarely go hand in hand, but sometimes a little miracle happens and an insanely strange title comes to life thanks to questionable product placement.

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More often than not, these famous titles are moderately successful, but still manage to leave an indelible mark in our collective memory. Here are nine that have remained in the annals … for better or for worse!


A superhero that makes you gorge on soda, isn’t that fantastic? If you think so, you will be happy to meet Pepsiman!

Created by Pepsi for its Japanese market, the mascot also stars in a PlayStation title with the same name, putting you in command of the incredibly muscular, latex-draped man.

In the game, which also celebrated its 22nd anniversary last March, the player embodies Pepsiman and must run relentlessly through different levels, overcoming obstacles to find and water thirsty people. Yes Yes!

Strange, but not necessarily bad if you are looking for a title that will sharpen your reflexes …

Cool Spot

A little more of type 7 UP? Dust off your Genesis or Super NES, and find out Cool Spot, another bizarre mascot that gave its name to a promotional video game.

In the skin of the red circle of the logo of 7 UP (nothing less), we cross 2D environments in a platform game after all typical for the time.

The goal? Pick up other red spots within a time limit, shooting down our enemies with squirts of soft drink.

We don’t really know if all this was supposed to make us thirsty. In any case.

Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool and Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

Even if Cheetos and controllers are not really compatible, that did not prevent the famous manufacturer of cheese poop from commissioning two games published on the Super NES and the Genesis!

Featuring the charming Chester Cheetah, this cheetah with sunglasses fond of orange chips, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool and Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest are two side-scrollers most mundane … Chester’s incredible attitude as a bonus.

Interestingly, in Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest, Chester can die with a single hit from the enemy, unless he has a cheese poop protective. Good to know.

Yo! Noid

Domino’s Pizza ever had a mascot? Would it appear so, in the form of a short man wearing a bunny costume in spandex Red! The “mascot” even got two games, Avoid the Noid on Commodore 64 and MS-DOS and Yo! Noid on the NES.

The latter, published in 1990, puts forward Noid who must confront his evil doubles (using a yo-yo and pizza-eating contests ?!) in order to avoid the destruction of the city of New York.

Moreover, if you complete the game, Noid will receive about three “medium” pizzas as a thank you for all of his services. Wow.

M & M’s Kart Racing

The least we can say is that Hershey’s had the franchise easy with eight games (eight!) In M & M’s colors.

However, it was the “racing” component on Wii and Nintendo DS that attracted the most attention … although it was received at the time as one of the worst karting titles of all time.

Offering seven modifiable vehicles, cups of coffee as a boost and a handful of street, clay, ice and sand races, M & M’s Kart Racing would be a “terrible” game that “could take your taste for M & Ms’s away forever.”

You have been warned!

Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge

Dubious hybrid of Doom, Indiana Jones and tomb Raider, Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge was distributed with the Tex-Mex restaurant chain’s children’s meals in 2000.

At the helm of Baja Bill, you had to, at the risk of your life, find a Taco Bell order in the heart of a cursed temple. An order, yes.

To get there, you had to exterminate snakes and scorpions using hot sauce (nice advertisement for the condiment?) And stay alive thanks to delicious Taco Bell products dropped by chance on the temple floor. Something to make Lara Croft jealous …

Darkened Skye

We are in 2002 and you are 14 years old. You go out to the video store to rent a GameCube game and you see a new title combining magic and adventure, which you are obviously in a hurry to choose. When you get home, you realize that this one is in fact a huge advertisement for Skittles … SURPRISE!

Here in a few words Darkened Skye, a kind of Elder scrolls of the poor in which you use Skittles to do magic (to each flavor its fate!) and thus make a rainbow shine again above this virtual world

The only problem is that to discover the affiliation with Skittles, you absolutely had to read the manual or even play the game … There was no mention of the candy brand on the cover of Darkened Skye! Brilliant.

Sneak King

Like M & M’s, Burger King had a lucky hand with no less than three Xbox games featuring the King of the Dumpling. However, in the weird games department it is Sneak King who wins the prize.

Visibly inspired by Metal Gear Solid of this world, the game puts you in the shoes of the King, as you must subtly feed hungry people in four different environments. Yes, we’re talking about stealthily following targets before surprising them … with a burger.

Why must we do everything in silence and out of sight? Would Burger King sandwiches be that shameful? That’s a great question!

One thing is certain, we are still far from Hitman

Captain novolin

We really found educational games of all kinds in the early 90s …

Make up your own mind, but insulin maker Novo Nordisk has sponsored its own game aimed at young people with diabetes, Captain novolin, appeared in 1992 on the Super NES.

Named after the insulin brand of the same name, Captain Novolin must save the diabetic mayor of Pineville while battling aliens in the form of various junk food items, such as cookies, donuts and cream cones. icy evil. Phew!

During this time, the pharmaceutical superhero must also monitor his glucose levels and eat healthy foods as needed to keep it at an adequate level. Quite unique for a platformer 2D.

Interestingly, the game wasn’t even offered for free to young diabetics, instead you had to pay full price to get Captain novolin.

A bit pricey to jump over rabid Coke cans.


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