Perpignan: another refusal to comply, 60 grams of cannabis and 8 grams of cocaine found in the car

This happened on the night of Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 January.

The nights follow each other and look the same to the policemen of the Perpignan police station. Following the frantic outburst of a motorist who was arrested after colliding with a parked car on Pyrenees Boulevard on January 10, police faced yet another refusal to comply this weekend.

It’s around 1:30 am, on the night of Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 January. Police officers set up near the roundabout of the Saint-Jacques gardens when they see an approaching motorist who is signaled to stop. While the driver seemed to be running, he finally pressed the gas pedal and disappeared.

Then the chase begins, which lasts about fifteen minutes: the driver burned the red light several times and turned the street in the wrong direction to try to sow the police. But in the end, the man had to stop on the avenue du Tech in the Moulin-à-Vints area after he was delayed by reinforcements.

Police found 8 grams of cocaine and 60 grams of cannabis resin in the car. In addition, the 22-year-old driver did not have a driver’s license or car insurance.

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