Perpignan: Olivier Lascar: “Elon Musk is a symbol of an era that does not like nuances”

Perpiganet Olivier Lascar studied at the Lycée du Clos Banet (which has since become Picasso), then studied mathematics and mathematics before going to an engineering school in Paris. He is currently the Digital Editor-in-Chief of Sciences et Avenir. He relied with the book on the “case” of Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X and Telsa, among others.

What prompted you to study the Musk galaxy?

Today it is part of the media decor and even people. Everyone has heard about Elmon Musk and his plan to go to Mars. I wanted to do something for the general public to explain who he is and what drives him.

Is he a scientist?

More like an engineer. A scientist in the first sense of the word works in a team, in a laboratory that publishes papers that are validated. Musk is a kind of filibuster who comes to break the house, defies science. We can say that he is on the side of “screws and bolts”, in contrast to the laboratory assistant involved in the exact sciences. This is a symbol of an era that does not like nuances. He is divisive, idolized or loathed a little Trump-style. But he’s also a forward-thinking character who has a sense of timing; he knows how to make things when they are ripe. Add to this barracks that works in his favor, and you get the image of the Mask.

What is his sphere of admirers and detractors?

There are several, and Musk knows how to address each community. He is completely passionate about communication and creates galaxies of admirers and followers beyond pure and exact science. He created a mania around his person. He turns his entrepreneurial life into a kind of fiction where every day you turn the page and it’s something new. It’s spicy. He’s getting drunk on himself, he’s under his own spell. This is definitely its fragility.

“Musk is not green at all”

What is this fascination with the planet Mars?

Musk is not green at all. This starts with the premise that we have planet B and that is Mars. Now he is in this process where he must “eat the Earth to the ground” in order to equip Mars and live there in the future. Speech, to put it mildly, unethical and, most importantly, less and less audible. This is a trap in his narrative, a new problem. She’s not won.

He is also interested in twitter

For me, his empire is weakened at various points. Legal barriers hinder business development. In his brain implant projects, he encounters medicine and especially the law. For their self-driving car projects, many states in America are slowing down. And then he has a tough enemy in the person of Jeff Bessos, the boss of Amazon. So he needs to be influential, and the Tweeter network can be the leverage that will make things happen in his favor. This is very logical in his career.

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