Persona 5 Royal

What better game to occupy prolonged confinement than the very time-consuming Persona 5 Royal? Arrived in Europe at the beginning of spring, the one which acts as “final version” of the excellent Persona 5 has every chance to take your heart and especially your time! This PlayStation 4 exclusive, which also plays a lot on your time management, is a title that guarantees hundreds of incredibly gripping hours. In order to devour Atlus’ J-RPG in the best conditions and to grasp all its subtleties, we invite you to consult our complete solution of Persona 5 Royal, which will help you to succeed your high school year in the best conditions … even if it means cheating a little!

Attention spoilers!
Even if it goes without saying that a walkthrough inevitably contains many spoilers, we insist heavily on the fact that our scenario guide necessarily reveals key elements of the plot, especially through the titles of the chapters below. Consult it only at your own risk!
Persona 5, finally localized in French, is therefore a (very) long and complex J-RPG in which to assimilate all the gameplay mechanics will take you a lot of time. We invite you to discover this game in the best conditions by providing you with our tips and tricks for a good start, which linger on various basic themes, a story that you know as much as possible so as not to get too lost in the beginning of the game. game rich in tutorials … and where you could already miss a lot of things:

Daily life: managing your money, social stats, exams … our tips
How to spend your money well
Social statistics, how to improve them?
Make infiltration tools
Answers to questions and exams
Discover the news of the Kichijoji district
Palace infiltration: chests, alert level, ambushes… how does it work?
What is a Palace?
Backup rooms and fast travel
Surprise an enemy and manage the alert level
Accomplish its mission on time
Opening of closed safes
How to steal valuable items from Palaces
Persona 5 Royal: our complete walkthrough to finish it during containment
In this part of our complete Persona 5 Royal walkthrough, we group together all of the palaces in the main storyline, detailing step-by-step how to overcome them, and following the best possible schedule. We also offer you complete videos of the boss fights as well as the location of the seeds hidden in each palace (exclusive to the “Royal” version):

1st palace: the castle
2nd palace: the museum
3rd palace: the bank
4th palace: the pyramid
5th palace: the spaceport
6th palace: the casino
7th palace: the ship
Memento depths
Qliphoth World
Last Palace: the laboratory
How to get the real ending of Persona 5 Royal?
Persona 5 Royal: our complete walkthrough to finish it during containment
We also return in this Persona 5 Royal guide to the other component of the Metaverse of “P5”: the Memento. Complete explanation of the concept, all the side missions, new features exclusive to Persona 5 Royal … let yourself be drawn into the depths of the twisted Tokyo metro with our detailed guide to the Memento:

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What is the Memento?
List of secondary missions in the Memento
The effects of the weather on the Memento
José and the main novelties of the Memento
How to win the fight against the Grim Reaper
The fight against José: how to win it?
Persona 5 Royal: our complete walkthrough to finish it during containment
This new version of Persona 5 brings a whole bunch of new features compared to the original game released three years earlier, particularly in terms of the management of Persona and the famous Velvet Room (“Velvet Room” in the original version) dear to Shin Megami Tensei’s spin-off series. In this section of our complete Persona 5 Royal walkthrough, we take stock of all these components, rich and complex to assimilate around the Velvet Room, all the different possibilities it makes available, and how to best exploit them. different tools offered by Igor, Caroline and Justine:

The Personae Fusion: The Guillotine
Reinforce a Persona: The Gallows
Mutate a Persona: the electric chair
Training a Persona: Containment
The effects of the alarm on the velvet chamber
Raise all stats of a Persona to 99
Velvet Chamber combat challenges
Fight against the twins (Caroline and Justine)
Fight against Lavenza
The Personae: all you need to know
Also, in this category of our guide to Persona 5 Royal, we regroup

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