Peru: a new species of frog discovered in the Amazon rainforest

A new species of marsupial frog, whose eggs develop in a pouch on its back, has been discovered in a natural park in the Peruvian Amazon, the National Service of Protected Natural Areas (Sernanp) reported on Monday.

“This new species is distinguished by a thick grainy skin on the back, an unpatented green dorsal coloration, a turquoise iris and a belly without spots, speckles or dots,” Sernanp said in a statement.

It belongs to the genus Gastrotheca of the Hemiphractidae family, an amphibian anuran found in Central and South America.

The discovery was made a few weeks ago during a study conducted in the moor and rainforest of the Cordillera de Colán, a protected area located in the Amazon region of northern Peru, on the border with Ecuador, at an altitude of more than 3,100 meters above sea level.

According to the Peruvian authorities, the area of ​​39,237 hectares, which contains endangered flora and fauna, is of great environmental importance because it is home to unique species.

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