PES 2022: Konami serves us a beta test of its next football game from June 24 to July 8

Accessible to everyone on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One, this online performance test is not fully representative of the final game, the launch details of which will not be known until next month. “The sole purpose of the test is to check the quality of the online matchmaking and the connection to the servers. Please note that every aspect of the game including gameplay mechanics, animations and graphics are under development. They have already been improved and will continue to be improved before the official launch.“, emphasizes Konami.

Even if it is not final, Konami confirms that the playable version of this beta is well based on the Unreal Engine, the publisher’s promise by not releasing a new PES in 2020 being a reminder to take time to start again on new bases, dropping for good the Fox Engine introduced in PES 2014 for the benefit of the popular Epic Games engine.

To test this new PES, you just have to go to the official store of your console, download the “New Football Game Online Performance Test” and launch the game. Note that the beta supports cross-gen between the two families consoles (PS5 and PS4 players on one side, Xbox Series and Xbox One players on the other) and that you do not need to be a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership to participate in online multiplayer games.

The beta test site will give you more information on the main controls of the game and provide access to the survey to provide feedback and help developers improve the game before release. “For more details on the official launch and the game, pay attention to our announcement scheduled for July 21, 2021“Konami finally confirms.

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