PES becomes eFootball and switches to free-to-play model

eFootball replaces PES and becomes free

The fad of gaming as a service is really not. All publishers are rushing into this breach. Ubisoft, Square Enix, Activision, Electronic Arts, etc. Last in line is Konami, the historic Japanese developer and publisher behind such popular series as Contra, Castlevania, Silent Hill or Pro Evolution Soccer known by the acronym PES.

It is the latter that we are discussing today since the company made a radical but rather logical choice. Instead of releasing a new version every year, Konami decided to completely change the model and the name. PES therefore definitely becomes eFootball and above all adopt the model free-to-play (F2P).

“Definitely”, because the game had this name since 2019 when eFootball PES 2020 had appeared on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. At that time, the eFootball mention meant a focus on the online mode and esports tournaments.

Now it’s different. eFootball, since it is its new name, operates a unique shift in the franchise. From paying, the game will be free. But we can expect to see a whole host of paid content unloading, from teams to stadiums to other elements that we do not think of. In addition, Konami promises us an experience cross-platform and cross-generation first between consoles then consoles and PC, then finally with mobile platforms during next winter. The change of engine is no stranger to these novelties since Konami abandons the Fox Engine and switches to Unreal Engine 4 much more versatile and accessible.

In terms of content, we know that the game will be available with the following teams, among others: Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Manchester United. Electronic sport will also make its appearance next winter.

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