Petition Against Mandatory Vaccine

At a meeting in Figeac these days, the Lotoa group has just filed a petition asking parliamentarians in the department “not to vote on the Vaccine Obligation Act and the Extension of the Health Pass,” which would constitute a real form of discrimination. contrary to our constitution. “700 signatures were collected on the petition.

Members representing this group support their arguments with the following points: “Vaccination is a personal choice, not a trivial one, that requires informed consent (Kouchner’s Act 2002-303 of the Public Health Code) and cannot be imposed on everyone through coercion and sanctions, especially after how normal vaccine marketing authorization procedures were not followed. ”

They condemn the coercive measure that restricts freedom of circulation, movement, work, study, access to culture and leisure, and speak of “unacceptable registration and discrimination against institutions open to the public, as for their employees than for clients.”

The collective therefore hopes that MPs Huguette Thigna and Aurelien Pradee; Senators Angel Preville and Jean-Claude Rechier will oppose the bill, and will also demand a meeting with the elected Lotua sitting in the National Assembly and the Senate. At the same time in Figeac, in the gardens of the hospital, there are constant gatherings.

Note that this bill was supposed to be submitted yesterday for consideration by the Council of Ministers. In particular, it includes the mandatory vaccination of caregivers and the renewal of passes for trains, bars and restaurants. Thus, the head of state intends to resume vaccination, while the delta option progresses.

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