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Parliament finally passed on November 18, 2021, by a final vote in the Senate, the animal cruelty bill. This included the creation of a “Certificate of Commitment and Knowledge” issued prior to any acquisition. Realization of a desire widely expressed by the French. The first decree on the implementation of the law was published on July 19, 2022, according to a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Required Knowledge

The Decree, which can be consulted on the Légifrance website, defines, in particular, the methods of certification applicable to horse owners in the context of professional activities, as well as “methods for issuing certificates of commitment and compulsory knowledge, on the one hand, for any owner of horses on a non-professional basis, and on the other hand, for any natural person who acquires a pet for a fee or free of charge.

Thus, the government wishes to empower and educate future owners, in particular by improving their knowledge of the selected species. He also hopes to improve adoption conditions to combat the impulse buying that often leads to abandoning a pet.

The text also deals with the case of foster families for pets (in particular those created by SPAs in the case of animals whose adoption failed because they suffer from serious pathologies), indicating important information that the adoption contract signed by the family concludes. and by association.

Online selling is also regulated

The decree also refers to proposals for online transfer of pets. “These proposals should be presented in a special section, which should include information and informational messages regarding the act of acquiring the animal,” the press release states. Advertisements must also be checked, in particular to ensure that the animal is properly identified.

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