Peugeot E308 and E308 SW introduced

Peugeot has introduced two new allelectric versions of its 308, the Peugeot E308 and E308 SW, which feature a new generation battery and a new 115kW/156hp engine.

The new Peugeot E308 and E308 SW have a range of more than 400 km, or 248 miles, and are offered in a variety of Allure and GT trim levels.

Two new silhouettes of the PEUGEOT 308, the SW Sedan and Wagon, already available in electrified hybrid versions, will be available in 100% electric versions from 2023. PEUGEOT will be the first European manufacturer to offer a 100% electric station wagon. The electric 308 and 308 SW will feature an allnew 115 kW (156 hp) electric motor and a range of over 400 km (WLTP cycle) depending on equipment level. This dual offering is an uncompromising answer, perfectly tailored to the needs of Csegment customers: the unique look of the 308 is combined with PEUGEOT driving pleasure, as well as segmentleading efficiency and average energy consumption. 12.7 kWh. Available in Allure and GT trim levels, the new PEUGEOT E308 and E308 SW will hit the market sequentially in mid2023.

STEP. The design of the new PEUGEOT E308 and E308 SW is based both on the PEUGEOT DNA and on the dynamic and prestigious reference world. The elongated front hood accentuates the silhouette, the volumes are sensual and clear, and the brand’s new crest proudly flaunts in the center of the grille. The overall optimization of the architecture benefits the interior space. At the front, Matrix LED headlights in the shape of a fang frame the Matrix LED headlights, which fit the 308 and 308 SW perfectly into the PEUGEOT family, as do the threeclaw LED lights at the rear.

More information about the new Peugeot E308 and E308 SW models can be found on the Peugeot website at the link below.


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