Phil Spencer: “We signed an agreement with Sony in January to protect Call of Duty on PlayStation.” – Permanent worlds

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard continues to cause concern in some sectors of the video game world. It is not for nothing that many people and companies follow all the movements very closely to find out whether the purchase is approved or not, although in principle everything seems to be going smoothly and it could be approved earlier than expected.

In all of this, and since it makes sense, Phil Spencer wants to downplay the issue and make it clear that the rest of the companies will not lose when this purchase is effective. Sony is the most vigilant, which is why it has tried to put up obstacles or give reasons to prevent the Activision-Blizzard-Xbox merger from happening; which is why the Xbox CEO reached out to Jim Ryan to confirm that Call of Duty will still be on the PlayStation.

Phil Spencer doesn’t hold back the PlayStation

It’s clear that the Xbox boss has always been against the console wars and has even said he can’t wait to play the newest installment of God of War. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the company wants to continue to release one of the largest and most famous games in the world on the Sony platform; Another reason is that sales of the game on the PlayStation will also benefit Microsoft.

This makes sense, because if you want to make your entire catalog of games exclusive, you need a huge amount of players to make it profitable.

In January, we handed over to Sony a signed agreement ensuring that Call of Duty will continue to be offered on PlayStation for several years after the end of the current contract. An offer that goes far beyond the usual agreements made in the video game sector.

As you can see, the companies can’t be fooled, this will be a win-win deal for both companies and therefore could be a turning point for Sony. They would continue to enjoy releases like Call of Duty and Microsoft would increase revenue, which never hurts.

In addition to all of this, remember that once the purchase is approved, Phil Spencer has confirmed that games like Diablo, Overwatch, CoD and more will go straight to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

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