Philips Screeneo U4 Full HD ultra short throw projector

Phillips has unveiled a new HD projector capable of delivering an 80″ True Full HD image from just 12″ (30.5 cm) away. The ultra short throw projector is now available for around 600 euros. The projector comes with a remote control and an international charger, and its design combines aluminum and ABS plastic in a sleek dark matte projector.

Philips Screeno U4

“While watching the runaway success of the Screeneo U3, we knew from the beginning that the Philips Screeneo U4 needed to evolve the technology of ultrashort throw projectors while still having a more compact design. We believe it fits the bill to provide users with the clarity and versatility ideal for movie marathons and gaming sessions,” said Dan Mamane, president of Screeneo Innovation SA.”

“Enjoy a true cinematic experience at home. With ultra short throw technology, this True Full HD projector delivers a huge 80″ screen when placed just 12″ from a wall or projection surface. Mount Screeneo U4 on your countertop, TV shelf or bedroom closet to enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports and games more than ever before! Pull it back a few inches to see it, or pull it back to zoom in.”

Ultra short throw projector

“Our setting achieves 108% of the standard HDTV Rec.709 color gamut, delivering incredible picture performance that delivers crisp, clear images. HDR10 colors, created using the AMlogic T972 processor, retain truetolife colors with exceptionally crisp text. Auto Keystone, Auto Focus, and 4 Corner Correction also help eliminate crooked and distorted images for perfectly proportioned images, even when the device is not directly in front of a wall. The TOF system gives users an optimal image from virtually any angle and eliminates many of the hassles associated with optimal setup.”

Source: Phillips

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