Phishing: La Poste customers victims of parcel scams

As the holidays approach and in full confinement, the number of packages citizens receive has greatly increased. Not surprisingly, the scams that go with it do the same. As RTL reports, a new wave of phishing emails and text messages is targeting customers of the La Poste group by usurping its image. The scam here takes the form of a message sent to the victim, which mentions a parcel without postage and redirects to a site in the colors of La Poste but which is in reality controlled by the crooks.

The goal is to push the victim to pay on the site a small sum (between 2 and 4 euros) for the postage of the false package, which allows the crooks to recover personal data on the victims in addition to the sum. of money given to frank a non-existent package. La Poste gives details on a support page dedicated to this type of scam and recalls that it “will never ask you to pay to collect a package by text or e-mail”. Users who have received this type of message are invited to report it to the address [email protected] or to the site.

Not a first

This scam is not new and had already been spotted by several sites at the start of the year, during the first confinement. The UFC-Que Choisir association published an article in May detailing how this type of scam worked: the scam was used at the time to register victims for a subscription service which then charged them with a sum each month, without the person receiving anything in return.

These phishing attacks can take many forms and impersonate different services in order to gain the confidence of victims. La Poste gives several examples of phishing campaigns that have resumed their colors on its site and details the best practices in this area. The first is obviously not to click and not to give your banking or personal information following one of these messages.

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