Pictures. Pin-ups, vinyls, video games from the 90s… Remiremont returns to the past with the Vintage and Retrogaming Fair.

CASE #1: You (or someone else) are using more than $this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit devices and/or browsers at the same time →Sign out of devices and/or browsers you don’t use

CASE #2: You are browsing in private mode →Always log out before closing the browser window

CASE #3: You are refusing connection cookies in your browser settings (or an update has changed your settings) →Change the settings for accepting cookies in your browser.

IN ALL CASES → clicking “Continue on this device” solves the problem

What happens if I click “Continue on this device”?
You will be able to use your account on this device and all other devices will be disabled. You can always reconnect to it within $this.View.AuthResponse.DeviceLimit.

How can I see connected devices?
Go to your personal account and click “Hardware Management”. If you go there after clicking “Continue on this device”, there should only be one.

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