Pirated IPTV boxes will drive Netflix consumption, according to this study –

A study in the United States shows that the use of streaming boxes like Kodi has increased consumption of legal SVOD services such as Netflix and YouTube. Instead of watching traditional TV and subscribing to cable channels or resorting to the illegal IPTV offering available through these set-top boxes, their users prefer to use SVOD.

Are streaming box users resorting to illegal IPTV?

When illegal IPTV started making a lot of noise and harassing SVOD services a few years ago, we wondered if this proposal posed a real threat. At the time, many Hollywood studios and streaming services such as Netflix feared that their revenues would drop due to illegal IPTV.

According to a recent study by two US universities, it seems that Netflix and the company don’t have much to worry about. Looking at the Internet consumption of 10,337 US households with a Kodi streaming console, the study found that these streaming users were ultimately more likely to watch programs through legal SVOD services, including Netflix and YouTube, than through illegal sources.

While a cheaper illegal offering is available, viewers are happy that they have good internet speed to watch Netflix and the like, which is pretty good news for these platforms.

What is illegal IPTV?

If streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, myCanal and more abound, the same goes for IPTV offerings. The principle is simple: a pirated IPTV subscription installed on an Android TV box gives you access to thousands of TV channels and all streaming services on the market at a lower price. Of course, this process is completely illegal and comes with a lot of significant risks for its users.

How much does it cost ?

Illegal IPTV promises to give you access to thousands of movies and series for less than 50 euros per year. A tempting offer when you consider that every legal streaming service, from Netflix to Prime Video via Disney+, costs between €12 and €15 a month on average, and it’s not uncommon to add up at least two.

But be careful, if the savings offered by IPTV seem to make this an option not to be missed, be aware that you risk up to 3 years in prison and a €300,000 fine for fakes if you use it. Thus, illegal IPTV remains a fraudulent offer that is not without risk from both a criminal and cyber security perspective.

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