Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headphones for $199.

In addition to having their new Pixel 6a phone available for preorder last week, Google is also accepting preorders for its new Pixel Buds Pro wireless headphones, which can be purchased for $199 or £179. Pixel Buds Pro features include active noise cancellation with Silent Seal, up to 31 hours of listening time, just say “Hey Google” for a little help, a transparency mode that lets you hear what’s outside, and wireless charging.

The Pixel Buds Pro are available in Coral, Fog, Charcoal, and Lemongrass and feature customdesigned 11mm drivers along with a 5band equalizer that lets you customize the sound to your preference.

Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headphones

“Active noise cancellation works by creating additional opposite sound to cancel out the noise around you. The faster your headphones can hear external sound and calculate the return sound, the better the noise cancellation becomes. Our inhouse team of experts used custom speakers and a custom 6core audio chip with algorithms developed by Google to speed up this process. It was incredible to see how quiet your space becomes and how you can just immerse yourself in your music.”

Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Headphones

“Once we mastered these abilities, we needed to make sure we created the perfect seal. Everyone’s ears are different, so earplugs may not always provide a perfect snug fit, and sound leaking from the outside affects the quality of the listening experience. With the Silent Seal™ that adapts to your unique ear shape and the different sizes of eartips that come with Pixel Buds Pro, we can ensure that unwanted sound won’t be heard.”

Source: Google

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