Pixel Watch can now detect if you’re falling: here’s how to activate the feature

This week, Google announced a new fall detection feature for the Google Pixel Watch. Which offers users a new safety feature that can help them contact emergency services if they have fallen and need help.

A new fall detection feature will help Google’s relatively new Pixel Watch match the capabilities of the Apple Watch. But it also needs to be done better. Because the fall detection features of the Apple Watch are causing headaches for firefighters and rescuers around the world. Therefore, Google insists that its new fall detection feature will prevent false alarms.

“Your Pixel Watch can tell the difference between a hard fall and vigorous physical activity, or even quickly recover from a small gaffe, thanks to our machine learning algorithms and rigorous testing,” wrote Google product managers Paras Unadkat and Edward Shea. in a blog post.

Machine learning to help motion sensors

The Pixel Watch’s fall detection feature relies on the device’s built-in motion sensors and machine learning to detect if you’ve fallen. If you do not move or react, the function calls emergency services.

Here is more information on how it works:

  • When the function detects a fall, it waits for you to get up. If you do not move for about 30 seconds, your watch will vibrate and beep. An on-screen notification will prompt you to tap “I’m fine” or “I’m down and I need help.” If you choose the latter option, you will be connected to emergency services.
  • If you do not answer, the alarm will continue for approximately one minute., intensifying in the last seconds. At this time, your watch will automatically attempt to call emergency services and send an automatic message asking for help wherever you are. The watch also gives you the option to talk to an emergency operator on your own.
  • To activate the feature, go to the Updates page of the Watch Companion app.or the Personal Safety app directly on your Pixel Watch. You must grant location permission in order for the feature to share your location with emergency services.

This feature is not yet available in all countries and functionality may vary depending on factors such as network connectivity. To call emergency services with a non-4G Google Pixel Watch, you must have a paired phone nearby.

To ensure the feature doesn’t generate false alerts, Google says it has trained its algorithms on “a wide range of human and simulated fall data and other motion patterns to accurately detect real falls.” Google also tested the feature on activities such as burpees, jumping, and swimming — high-energy activities that create motion similar to falling. The company has also worked with emergency services to develop automated messages that deliver features.

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