Play your Android games for free on your PC or iPhone with this cloud gaming service

BlueStacks X is a free cloud gaming service that allows you to play your Android games from any device via a web browser (or an application on Windows).

“The World’s First Cloud-Based Android Gaming Platform”. This is how BlueStacks X is presented. Specifically, it is a free cloud gaming service that allows you to access your mobile games from a large number of devices. You can access it from Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Raspberry Pi.

The beautiful promises of BlueStacks X

BlueStacks, the company behind BlueStacks X (what a surprise!), Says their new service is still in beta. This does not prevent him from highlighting the fact that it is “the only cloud gaming service on the market that offers free streaming of mobile games on all platforms and devices.” The company prides itself on using a “hybrid cloud” technology designed with sister brand and powered by Amazon’s AWS servers.

Hybrid cloud enables the cloud to offload parts of the rendering and graphics rendering to the endpoints, significantly reducing cloud costs and allowing users to benefit from a free service. This can be achieved both with a native client and with browsers capable of rendering native graphics. This technology works flawlessly and does not require any integration by game developers.

On the gameplay side, on PC, it is possible to configure shortcuts to replace the buttons that are usually touch-activated on mobile.

Therefore, BlueStacks promises that you will be able to play instantly, without downloading, while resuming your current game from one device to another. BlueStacks X is accessed through a web browser on all devices. And on Windows, you can also download and install software if you find it more convenient. There is even a dedicated Discord bot. Therefore, you will find “already more than 200 games and several new games every week”.

To discover BlueStacks X, go here.

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