Playsion 5? AMLO mispronounces the name of the PlayStation 5 and mocks networks

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Video games are a huge industry on a global scale, so somehow they end up making the news on political issues. For example, today the gaming community in Mexico had a good laugh after Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, mispronounced the name of PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console.

As every morning on a working day since the start of his mandate, López Obrador has frequented the media at La Mañanera, the name by which he is known during his morning lectures. Almost at the end of the one that took place this Thursday, January 7, the president showed a card by Mexican cartoonist Patricio, which addresses the theme of the Day of the Three Kings in the middle of the pandemic.

It is a cartoon in which we see a father reading a letter from the Three Kings to one of his sons. They inform there that they had a lot of gifts – including a PlayStation 5 – but that they could not leave it due to the containment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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La Mañanera’s last moment didn’t exactly call the reason for Patricio’s clever joke. He did it because of the way Andrés Manuel López Obrador pronounced the name of the console. “This year we had your ‘Playsion 5’ out of the box” was how the president read the first line of the cartoon.

You can see it in the video we feature below (courtesy of El Universal). If the player takes you to the beginning of the video, skip ahead to 1:58:20 to listen to it.

The pronunciation of AMLO made gamers laugh

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll say it again: the way AMLO pronounced PlayStation 5 sparked a lot of social media laughter among the gaming community in Mexico. This since, without a doubt, it was a moment that few expected to happen during the press conference at the National Palace.

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Although the question did not yet have its viral explosion moment, we could already see several people on social networks making memes or laughing at this funny moment in political life in Mexico.

And you, have you seen a meme that pokes fun at this Mañanera moment from AMLO? Tell us in the comments.

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