Playstation 5: find out why the console will be more expensive in France and how much it will cost you

This Thursday, August 25th, Sony announced a PS5 price increase in most markets except the US. Midi Libre sums up.

Inflation does not spare video games. Sony announced in a press release published this Thursday, August 25, a significant increase in the recommended prices for its flagship Playstation 5 console.

How much will the PS5 cost?

The increase is not the same depending on the country where the buyer will be located. Thus, in Europe, the recommended price of the game console will increase from 499.99 euros to 549.99 euros for the model with a disc drive, or 50 euros more. In the digital version, it will increase by 12.5% ​​and will cost 449.99 euros. This increase is applied with “immediate effect”.

What is the difference between the recommended price and the list price?

The supplier, in this case Sony, tells the reseller the price they want to resell to the consumer. This is called the recommended or recommended price. It is this indication that has increased. The reseller, points out the National Consumer Institute, can theoretically set the prices he wants (more expensive or less expensive). On the other hand, the supplier may decide to apply a price range that will be respected. So if the PS5 MSRP goes up, you might not see that increase.

However, in the United States, Sony is not announcing a suggested price increase.

Why are prices rising?

“We are seeing high inflation as well as negative currency effects affecting consumers and putting pressure on many industries,” the Japanese group justifies. On the other hand, it remains unclear why this growth bypassed the United States, and inflation in July reached 8.5%.

Price increases among other manufacturers of game consoles were not reported.

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