PlayStation 5 M.2 SSD cooler

Aftermarket and OEM equipment manufacturer GRAUGEAR has developed and launched a new M.2 SSD cooler for PlayStation 5 capable of reducing temperatures by 15 to 25 degrees. The PlayStation 5 M.2 SSD cooler connects to the console’s main intake fan airflow and was designed for bare M.2 NVMe SSDs. It consists of an aluminum monobloc heatsink with a single 7mm diameter flat copper heatpipe running underneath that contacts hot components on the top side of the drive via silicone thermal pads.

PlayStation 5 M.2 SSD cooler

Features include heat pipe design, greatly increase the heat dissipation area, ideal for high performance M.2 SSD, reduce the heat of M.2 SSD with cooling effect by 50%, designed for PlayStation 5 memory expansion, Singel/Double compatible. doublesided M.2 2280 SSDs and a metal cover for heat dissipation.

PlayStation 5 SSD Cooler Concerns

“The heatpipe fits into the PS5’s intake fan vent with a copper duct at the end that vents some of the drive’s heat into the airflow. The company claims that this design provides 50% better cooling compared to drives with heatsinks, maximizing space above the PS5 M.2 slot and can reduce controller temperatures by 1520°C as it is essentially an active cooling. . The cooler weighs 70g. The company did not disclose pricing or availability.”

Unfortunately, there is no information on pricing or availability worldwide yet, but as soon as information is available, we will, as always, keep you updated.


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