PlayStation 5: new model expected in 2023?

For some time now there have been rumors: Sony is actively preparing a new model of the PlayStation 5. Some rumors bring to mind the PS5 Slim, others – the Pro version, others – the hybrid version of the console … But what is it really? SFR Actus is analyzing the situation.

The PlayStation 5 has been around for over two years now and there are rumors of a new model coming. Three new models, to be exact, since on the web we are talking about PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim, and an unnamed model that will have a feature that is confusing to say the least. Let’s go through the latest rumors about a possible new PS5 release.

Sony plans to release PlayStation 5 Pro?

The PlayStation 5 already exists in two versions: Classic Edition and Digital Edition without a Blu-ray player. But according to rumors relayed by Phonandroid, a third version is coming soon: a PS5 Pro with a liquid cooling system that will have better performance than previous iterations thanks to a new AMD chip. Citing an anonymous source, our colleagues claim that Sony will release this all-new PS5 model as early as April 2023, approximately two and a half years after the current model’s launch. At the moment, there has been no official information from the Japanese manufacturer on this matter, so this information should be treated with great caution.

PlayStation 5 Slim coming soon?

According to some rumors, Sony, on the contrary, would have fixed its intention to release the PS5 Slim. Since the Japanese company has been accustomed to smaller and lighter versions of its consoles since the release of PSOne in 2000, these calculations make sense. But recently, whistleblower Tom Henderson made a statement that turned the confidence of those who thought they would soon see this model on the shelves of video game stores …

PlayStation 5 version with removable Blu-ray drive?

If the prospect of a possible PS5 Slim or Pro pleases many gamers, Tom Henderson’s latest tweet is controversial. The man is indeed announcing the upcoming arrival of a modular PS5 instead of the two versions mentioned above.

According to him, Sony will stop production of previous versions of the PlayStation 5 to make room for a model that will not have much technological innovations, except for a removable drive that will not be compatible with the current version. version. Its arrival in stores, according to an insider, is scheduled for September this year. But so far nothing confirms or refutes this information.

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Sources: Phonandroid, Insider Gaming.

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