PlayStation 5: PS5 stocks were saved at the beginning of November!

Can’t find PS5? Take advantage of early November to order your PlayStation 5 again from several online retailers in France. We tell you everything!

Where to buy PlayStation 5 this weekend? – Signed canvas shopping experts
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PS5: The most wanted console on the market!

Getting a PlayStation 5 is as difficult as meeting a unicorn. But why is this Sony console in such demand, even 2 years after its release? The answer is simple: it’s the most powerful console on the market. In addition to letting you play your favorite video games, Sony designed the PS5 so you can relive your adventures as if you were there. To bring you an immersive gaming experience, Sony has equipped its PlayStation 5 with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D sound technology. And because there’s nothing worse than endless loading times and mid-game errors, Sony has outfitted its PS5s with a super-fast SSD, 16GB of RAM, AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture, and 7nm engraving precision. Take full advantage of your gaming console, without errors or interruptions. Enjoy the most beautiful graphics in your games, even the heaviest ones, with HDR 10 support, 8K resolution and 120Hz frame rate for even more realism. Then we better understand what attracts so many gamers!

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Where can I find the PlayStation 5 in France?

PS5 supplies up and down. Back at reseller warehouses in France, it only takes the sites a few hours or even minutes to post a new break. And it’s not for nothing that many gamers are waiting for the slightest sale of the PS5. Hence the importance of taking into account a few tips to help you successfully order a PS5:

1) Email Alerts: Sign up for all possible alerts to stay informed about PS5 sales,

2) Add PS5 to Cart: Get an edge over others by filling your cart in advance. So, when the PS5 sale is open, all you need to do is pay for your order,

3) Create an account on the sites: as in the previous tip, fill in your details and save your bank details in order to confirm the order only after the PS5 sale opens,

4) Come in in the morning: PlayStation 5 sales usually run from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, so prepare your coffee and drink it in front of your computer.

5) Give preference to a computer: it will be easier to update the site page on a computer or tablet than on a smartphone!

Remember to regularly check your PS5 inventory with the following iconic retailers:

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