PlayStation acquires European mobile game studio Savage Games

Sony has acquired European mobile game developer Savage Games, expanding its presence not only on game consoles, but also on mobile devices.

The global gaming market is expected to be worth $256.97 billion by 2025. And in-game ads are an important part of that equation. In fact, ads for some games have become as popular as the games themselves due to clever execution, impeccable copy, and great visuals.

PlayStation (Sony) has reached an agreement to acquire Savage Game Studios, which will join the new mobile division of PlayStation Studios. Why this acquisition? Many reasons. A first for an incredible team of veterans with Mikhail Katkov (Rovio, Zynga), Najim Ajir (Wargaming, Rovio) and Michael McManus (Wargaming, Insomniac). The company is based in Germany and Finland. Savage Game Studios was founded in 2020. They have created action games with epic stories for gamers all over the world, and their trademark creates amazing single player story games! By the way, the newly formed team is already working on their first project – a new mobile game in the AAA live action genre. The release date for the title has yet to be announced.

The mobile division of PlayStation Studios will operate independently of the company’s console division to develop innovative mobile applications based on PlayStation licenses. The company also stressed that expanding the PlayStation to mobile games would not diminish the company’s other goals, including licensing them for single player and efforts to port certain titles such as Marvel Spider-Man to PC.

In addition, the gaming ecosystem is developing very fast and the competition is fierce. For example, Fortnite has a mobile version, as do popular battle royales like Call of Duty: Warzone, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends. The mobile version of Apex Legends was released on May 17 and by the end of June it had already brought in over $13 million in revenue.

Advertising opportunities: Interest in in-game advertising has reached its peak this year and attracted the attention of major publishers. Although ads are new to console and PC games, they have been introduced into mobile games for many years. US mobile game advertising revenue will reach $6.26 billion this year and $7.87 billion by 2024. Mobile gaming spending also remains high despite some downturns. Sony may be hesitant to put ads in its mobile games due to its reputation for “prestige” experiences, but its interest in advertising other video game formats means it can still experiment with mobile game ads.

Fortnite in 2020 launched a concert with Travis Scott for the release of his song Astronomical, turning it into a live virtual concert that people from all over the world could attend. The concert served as the perfect publicity for the game, inviting audiences from all over the world to experience the Fortnite universe, even those who had never played the game before. Avatar-inspired visuals, immersive experiences, and new music have all become a successful recipe for the game’s promotion. According to Epic Games, the concert was attended by 12.3 million players, while 27.7 million watched it 45.8 million times over five activities, which makes it a single entity. of the biggest gaming promotions of all time.

Despite a slight decline due to inflation and recession fears, Sensor Tower expects mobile gaming spending to reach $117 billion by 2026.

Let’s not forget that PlayStation has strategically acquired studios large and small in preparation for the brand’s next phase, including in the metaverse…

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