PlayStation and Bloober Team (The Medium) sign new deal; Silent Hill, is that you? – Permanent worlds

Crazy days, right? Yesterday I couldn’t believe what I was reading… New Silent Hill, right? I don’t know, part of me doesn’t really believe this because we’ve been living on rumors for years and it’s… It’s been one disappointment after another. If Silent Hill ever becomes true, the creators themselves will have to come and tell me to my face. Konami, Bloober Team, I don’t know anyone, because I’ll be deaf to everyone.

Let’s see, I have to say that Konami has started destroying all footage that was leaked yesterday that supposedly refers to this new… Silent Hill. It’s strange, isn’t it? However, it is possible that this is not a game from this saga, but a completely different game. I don’t know, as long as I can only move from theory to theory and shoot, because it’s my turn, because no one here is clear or wants to be, which can also be the case.

All about the PlayStation and Bloober Team deal

  • It was announced on the official website of Bloober Team that Bloober Team has signed a licensing and distribution agreement with PlayStation ❗
  • Of course, some fans were freaking out when they heard about it. this may be related to the Silent Hill rumors. ❓
  • In addition, the company has partnered with Konami and is working on several unknown projects ❗
  • There are many elements pointing to this turn of Silent Hill, but nothing is clear yet. What do you think ? ✍

We can only wait and see how it all turns out. It is possible that this deal will only affect existing games and new games that will be created by the Bloober team, without the involvement of Silent Hill.

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