PlayStation: Big Acquisition Like Activision Blizzard Coming? – The arms race continues.

PlayStation has repeatedly stated that acquisitions and mergers are not over for them. Sony Interactive Entertainment can catch big fish and is preparing for it.

With billions made from PlayStation, Sony has plenty of room to grow its business further. And this, in particular, is connected with the acquisition of new studios. This level is still moving.

Publisher bought by PlayStation?

The PlayStation is insatiable and eager to buy new companies. The firm recently got its hands on an esports competition platform to strengthen its position in the field. SIE is already hosting the EVO tournament and aims to become the “Nike of Video Games” in the coming years. But the next acquisition could be much larger.

The company has hired Gregory McCurdy, an attorney, to handle antitrust and government policy issues. McCurdy previously worked for Uber. There he had a team specializing in US antitrust litigation and merger clearance procedures.

The world of video games is fascinating and this will be a big new adventure for me. I know a thing or two about this industry thanks to Microsoft when the Xbox was launched to compete with the PlayStation. Onward to new adventures!

Gregory McCurdy via LinkedIN (and PSU).

If he’s referring to Microsoft, it’s because he’s been with the company for 15 years. So who will be the next target? No clue. But given Sony’s investment, we tell ourselves it could be a big box that would require someone to handle a big purchase.

EA? It’s a bit like the name that flashes “every two weeks”. Ubisoft? The publisher is more likely to target an investment fund. Square Enix? Despite the sale of studios and strong licenses, the company would prefer to restart on its own. And given their privileged attitude, with temporary or permanent exceptions like FF16, I’m not sure if this is interesting, but who knows.

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