PlayStation Ken Kotaragi never considered Nintendo as a competitor

What would have been … (Image: Nintendo Live)

Before PlayStation, Sony worked with Nintendo on a Super Famicom CD player. Nintendo decided to remove the plug from the device, and so Sony entered the console business on its own – becoming a direct competitor and industrial powerhouse.

With that in mind, Ken Kotaragi “father of PlayStation” recently visited Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada pub and took the time to reflect on PlayStation’s relationship with other Companies – like Nintendo – at this time.

Kutaragi (Who also designed the SNES sound chip, He said he enjoyed working with the Nintendo team and thought the media at the time, as well as “outside opinions”, misjudged these relationships. He explains how In the long run, the notion of “conflict” between Sony, Nintendo and Sega has only helped the industry grow. Here is the full rundown:

“Before PlayStation, I worked in the Super Famicom with Nintendo, and I loved Mr. Uemura and his team so much that I was with them a lot and I get along with them. But from the outside, we were seen as fighting.

“I was only asked this kind of question”, he said. [PlayStation’s] Competitor of Sega or Nintendo? “They asked me the question, but we never really thought about the competitor’s identity because we were all colleagues. However, people on the outside didn’t think that… they didn’t know the truth…They brought our industry to life. “

While such comments may not be entirely convincing in the 1990s, Sony and Nintendo today occupy different sectors of the video game industry. If you want to learn more about Nintendo and Sony’s past, check out our feature on SNES PlayStation.

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