PlayStation: Leak Indicates Days of Play 2022 Begins May 25 – Le Grand Plateau

The leaked image may have confirmed Sony’s upcoming Days of Play, which will take place on May 25th. The event is known to host various promotions for PlayStation games, consoles and accessories and is expected to run for two weeks, until June 8th.

The information was originally posted on Reddit and went viral on Twitter by some insiders, including Wario64, who is known for covering and spreading the word about the brand. Some point out that the announcement was received via email from Sony – if so, the Japanese giant should release an official campaign statement soon.


Without confirmation from Sony, there are also no details on which games will be reset. The wait, however, is due to the promotions applied to the company’s latest releases, which has, for example, Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West – games that are gaining popularity among gamers, being among the most downloaded of the month. April, according to a PlayStation blog post. It’s even possible that the PS5 will also receive a significant discount to boost sales of the device, which have been hit hard by a lack of inventory due to the semiconductor crisis.

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As a general rule, Days of Play is valid on both the PS Store, PS Plus and PS Now, and also extends to physical stores, so the advice is: if you’re going to buy an item or game on PlayStation, it’s worth waiting a few more days to be able to take advantage of more interesting promotional discounts.

PS Plus

Ahead of the launch of the new PS Plus, Sony recently released an updated catalog of subscription services. The list only includes previews of some of the new games that will be included with the platform’s debut and are expected to include God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Check out the full list here.

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