PlayStation Network: how to buy games at a low price!

It’s not a mistake! Eneba is currently offering gift cards for PSN (PlayStation Network) users at a price that is more affordable than what they cost. We explain how to take advantage of it right now.

Eneba currently offers a €120 PSN (PlayStation Network) gift card for only €96.58, or about a 24.25% discount. This saves at least 23.42 euros compared to the basic fare. We have never seen such an affordable price for gift cards of this kind, especially since here you do not have to wait for the goods to be received. Indeed, this is a digital edition: as soon as you pay, the gift card is automatically activated and you can use it to buy video games on the PlayStation Network. The quality of the offer is such that we initially thought that we had encountered a bug, but no: we checked and this is a real advantage of the Eneba store, which may not return anytime soon. Indeed, stocks are limited and will soon be gone.

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €120 at Eneba.

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €60 at Eneba.

And if you ever find that even that price is too much for you, don’t panic. Indeed, with Eneba you also have the option of using a €60 gift card, but for only €50.46, which will save you almost €10. Moreover, buyers who have already taken advantage of this offer through Ultimate Choice rate it 9.8/10, which indicates the seriousness of the seller. Because it is not uncommon to come across scammers with such affordable prices, but this is not the case here: Eneba has long been a reliable and reputable site. Hurry, though, because if you want to take advantage of this, this best price of the day won’t last long. By 11:59 on March 12, Eneba gift cards with mini prices will no longer be offered in the online store. You will then have to pay the regular price again if you wish to receive them; it would be a shame to miss it.

Gift cards for cheaper PSN games

Eneba explains that gift cards do not expire as long as the PlayStation Network exists. So you can buy new games for your PlayStation game console for life as soon as you invest in these gift cards. Please note that any PlayStation Store account in France can be credited with these €120 or €60 gift cards we offer here. However, if you want to activate the gift card in another country, this may not work: you must be aware of this before activating the offer, risking being relatively disappointed the next time you try.

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €120 at Eneba.

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €60 at Eneba.

psn gift card© Eneba / Sony

Limited time offer

However, according to our information, this crazy deal that we offer you at a better price is only available for another five days. In fact, after March 12, the offer will disappear from the Eneba online store and you will no longer be able to use it. Moreover, since the price is indeed very low compared to the regular value of gift cards, it is unlikely that such a discount will see the light of day again. In short, if you don’t use a good plan now, it will pass you by.

As a reminder, the best price that Eneba offers here is only 96.58 euros for their gift card with a regular value of 120 euros, which ends up being almost 23 euros or about 24%. As for the €60 gift card, Eneba is selling it right now for only €50.46 (-18%), which is really nothing compared to the regular price and saves you a hell of a lot if you buy several at the same time.

It couldn’t be easier to redeem one of these gift cards: for example, you just need to go through your PlayStation game console to access the PlayStation Network. Next, you will need to select the PSN icon from the home screen. You will then need to access the “Use Codes” option at the bottom of the menu that will appear on your screen. And this is where you will need to enter the code that will be provided to you after the purchase, so that the euros will be automatically credited to your PSN account. It can also be done online on the Sony PlayStation Network website. And voila! So happy?

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €120 at Eneba.

Take advantage of the PSN card offer for €60 at Eneba.

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