PlayStation: New PS VR 2 Preview

PlayStation: New PS VR 2 Preview

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Today, Sony revealed a preview of the new feature for PS VR 2 on its PlayStation Blog.

Featured Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Here’s a rundown of the features featured on the PlayStation Blog about the new PS VR version.

  • Transparent View: See what’s around you when you put on your headset with our new transparent view. This is a really handy feature that helps you find PS VR2 Sense controllers in a room without removing your headset.
  • Show off your gameplay footage: The new broadcast feature in PS VR2 lets you capture yourself in action by connecting your PS5 HD camera to your console.
  • Custom Game Space: You can customize your PS VR2 game space using PS VR2 Sense controllers and built-in cameras.
  • VR mode and cinematic mode. In VR mode, you can enjoy VR games in a virtual environment with a 360° view. Content will be displayed in 4000 x 2040 HDR video at 90Hz/120Hz in non-VR games on the VR screen. Cinematic mode content will be displayed in HDR 1920×1080 video format at 24/60Hz and even 120Hz.

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