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PlayStation Now will be updated this Tuesday (3), which means new games will arrive on Sony’s cloud. According to Playplace, although the list is not as diverse, the addition will bring some long-awaited news for gamers, especially for fans of fighting games. Check it out below!

The catalog update comes shortly before the migration of the service, which will join PlayStation Plus as announced this year. However, even with the planned changes, it looks like there’s still time for a few more games right in the PS Now library; Check out the games coming to the platform today.


PlayStation Now: Check out the games coming out in May. Image: Image: Playback/PlayStation

PlayStation now in May 2022

Available May 3

  • Naurto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  • SoulCalibur IV
  • blasphemous

In addition to that, there’s also news for PS Plus players getting their May member games on Tuesday (3), including FIFA 22 and Curse of the Dead Gods. However, according to Retesera, as new games come out, some are leaving PS Now. Based on player feedback, the site noted that at least 56 games were banned from the service, mostly SEGA and Konami games such as Sonic, Yakuza, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill.

Keep in mind that PS Now is not yet available in Brazil. To access cloud content in the new version of PS Plus, Sony will provide a region-exclusive package (Deluxe). However, this means access not to the cloud, but to PS4, PS5 and classic games. According to the release, at that time the company intended to expand the service to other countries, but without an exact forecast.

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New PS Plus and PS now

As mentioned earlier, PS Now and PS Plus will become one from June. PlayStation has even confirmed the suspension of stacking capability across both services due to this overhaul. According to Sony, which posted an explanation on its FAQ, a feature known to increase subscription time has been temporarily disabled, but existing vouchers will still be valid.

“As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, we are working behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members. As part of this work, we have temporarily disabled subscription pooling for existing customers until launch. Please make sure your promo code is still valid so you can use it when your existing subscription expires and is deactivated, or when a new PlayStation Plus service launches in your region, whichever comes first.

In March, Sony announced the release of a new version of the PlayStation Plus. Initially launched in 2010, the subscription service will offer players a choice of new subscription options, namely Essential, Extra, and Premium, as well as other country-specific specials, according to an official statement. With each plan, subscribers will receive new benefits that may include the highly anticipated PS Now library, PS4 games, and retro titles with titles from the original PlayStation, resulting in over 700 games available.

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