PlayStation Plus: an increasingly interesting service

Game news PlayStation Plus: an increasingly interesting service

Direct competitor of Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online, the PlayStation Plus has shown a rise in recent years. It is explained in particular thanks to its catalog of games and via the arrival of the PlayStation 5. Ken Bogard explains why.

PlayStation Plus is one of the subscription services made by Sony for its PlayStation players. For 60 € per year (available in two other models), the package allows you to play multiplayer games online, to collect titles at no additional cost (Control Ultimate Edition or AllStars Destruction are available this month) and claim discounts on various products in the store. Launched in 2010 at the end of the years of the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Plus did not convince, in part because of a transition linked to the arrival of the new generation of consoles and mixed games. It was not until 2016/2017 to see the catalog enriched in a substantial way. Resogun and InFamous: First Light give way to AAAs like Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank or The Last of Us, but also hosts independent games considered unmissable” ” ”: Hollow Knight, Rocket League and Super Meat Boy to name a few.

According to Ken, the PlayStation Plus will continue this good momentum with the arrival of the PS5. On the one hand, players must subscribe to this service if they want to take advantage of the online features of their games, such as FIFA 21 or Call of Duty. If some of them may forget to collect the titles made available for free, Sony has launched an initiative in this direction: since October, it is now possible to add “free” games to your library without turning on your console.. On the other hand, the manufacturer will now focus on its console and its next gen games, released two months ago. It is therefore legitimate to think that late exclusives of the PS4, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man or TLOU: Part II can be distributed via the PlayStation Plus later. Thanks to the backwards compatibility of the PS5, this initiative gives the possibility to the players to acquire excellent PS4 games which did not have the console.. In conclusion, the PlayStation Plus will be enriched with more exclusives and triple A made in Sony, while keeping the stability of its price.

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