PlayStation Plus: August’s “free” games on the run with the must-have JRPG?

Game news PlayStation Plus: August’s “free” games on the run with the must-have JRPG?

Published on 27.07.2022 at 14:20

The change in the PlayStation Plus formula won’t affect one thing: the availability of “free” subscription games, be it the Essential, Extra, and Premium models. On this topic, titles that will appear in August have seemingly been leaked.


  • Mythical license for Japan fans
  • The most famous skateboarder is back
  • Game of little nightmares

Like every month, PlayStation introduces video games to integrate into its PlayStation Plus catalog: a subscription service that allows you to enjoy “free” games in exchange for a monthly payment. The program has three names for recovery. For example, in July the catalog was filled with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Arcadegeddon and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.

Often before the official announcement, many rumors try to anticipate the titles provided by PS Plus. While some predict Nier Automata or even Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will appear in the catalog, it’s Dealabs (who is often right on this point) who will offer PlayStation Plus for August in advance. Obviously, we will be waiting for an official communication from Sony to provide such information.

Mythical license for Japan fans

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 compatible title will be Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Released in November 2020, the seventh numbered episode of the license offers a revolution: it replaces the traditional beat’em-up saga system with turn-based combat. What is a gate for newcomers, attracting the curiosity of veterans of the universe, but above all to get their hands dirty before the arrival of the eighth episode.

The most famous skateboarder is back

A true skateboarding icon of the 2000s, Tony Hawk earned the rights to a seminal video game saga in his own name. The first two, originally released in 1999 and 2000, have been the subject of a 2020 update called Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. The program is always an effective experience, located between the past and the present with a modern graphical environment. This is probably one of the best skateboard simulators available on the market, especially since opus 3+4 is not ready yet.

Game of little nightmares

Little Nightmares is Tarsier’s first production. A platform game title that is reminiscent of Limbo and Inside with its dark aesthetic (a la Tim Burton) and thriller elements. The player embodies Six, a teenage girl dressed in a yellow cape who must take her place among adults: an adventure that is reminiscent of the journey that every teenager goes through.

About the new PlayStation Plus:

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription formula for PS4 and PS5. With various offers, you can enjoy hundreds of PlayStation games, a list of retro games from PS1 to PS3, and even streaming, depending on your subscription level.

What does 3 PS Plus offer?

PlayStation Plus consists of three tiers: Essential (€8.99 per month), Extra (€13.99 per month) and Premium (€16.99 per month). The former offers the same benefits as the old PS Plus (network play, cloud saves, monthly game inclusions, PlayStation Store exclusive discounts). The second also benefits from a catalog of around 400 PS4 titles | PS5. And the third adds on top of retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), reading a selection of games remotely thanks to streaming, and – this is important – demos for testing several blockbusters.

Who can benefit from free games from PlayStation Plus?

Depending on your subscription, you won’t have access to the same games. With PlayStation Plus Essential, you are entitled to the PS Plus Collection (PS5 only) and games offered each month. With Extra you have access to the PS4 catalog | PS5 about 400 applications. And with Premium, you get nearly 340 retro games, PS3 game streaming, and demos.

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