PlayStation Plus: Extra and Premium offerings emulated, subscriber numbers skyrocketing

Game news PlayStation Plus: Extra and Premium offerings emulated, subscriber numbers skyrocketing

Published on 07/29/2022 at 19:55

Sony is in a tough supply chain situation right now. Even if the PlayStation 5 continues to gain ground, there are still difficulties. If, on the one hand, the Japanese company has to face a decline in performance, all is not lost for the latter. To do this, just look at the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it is possible that the new formulas were able to attract new players.


  • PS5 sales are on the rise, but stuck on the software side
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PS5 sales are on the rise, but stuck on the software side

In general, judging by the latest news, things are going well in the video game sector. Thanks to some analysis of the number of copies sold for 2022 in Europe, we understand that various manufacturers have something to smile about, despite the difficulties in the supply chains. For Sony and PlayStation, the results are mixed, with the PS5 doing well with at least 21.7 million copies distributed as of June 31, 2022, up 2.4 million in the most recent quarter. Where the problem lies is in software sales: the company cut its earnings forecast by $400 million.

However, there is a bit of additional data related to the increase in next generation consoles being distributed, which keeps Sony and PlayStation smiling. Last March, the Japanese company bet on overhauling its PlayStation Plus online subscription system with the goal of launching a new version of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass in a few months. By bringing together PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and looking at retrogaming, Sony may have opened the door to a much more enthusiastic audience than before: there are subscribers, but the future will tell us if this initiative will bear fruit over time.

Among the many numbers that are currently being released about the PlayStation and its latest console, we learn that the number of subscribers to the PlayStation Plus program has increased significantly compared to the previous year. While the latest data for June 2021 reported 46.3 million users, the figure will now be 47.3 million. And there are a few things that could explain this new million convinced players.

In our region, the launch took place on June 23 (and the earliest in Asia, at the end of May), and perhaps the different formulas quickly convinced players to check, in particular due to the enrichment of the catalog. suggestions. The explanation can only consist of this simple argument, but the increase in PS5 sales is a nice addition. By purchasing a PS5 over the past twelve months, players have apparently opted for an online subscription to take advantage of online features. To see if the upward trend continues over the next twelve months!

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