PlayStation Plus: here are your free games in May

What does the subscription to the service have in store for us? Playstation plus in May? First, the excellent racing and demolition game Wreckfest will be in the spotlight on PlayStation 5. This real pearl from the Bugbear Entertainment studio immerses you in breathtaking circuits where sheet metal crumples and collisions abound! A good move to avoid charging the $ 10 required to upgrade for players who purchased Wreckfest on PlayStation 4.

If you don’t feel like driving, no problem: Battlefield v on PlayStation 4 should satisfy you. Immerse yourself in the conflict of WWII with this frenzied FPS.

Finally, Stranded Deep from Beam Team Games studio will test your ability to survive on an island in the Pacific Ocean. You will have to deal with several facets of your character including hunger and thirst.

A text by Michael Bertiaux from

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