PlayStation Plus: the games of May 2021

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation Plus games for May 2021 are Wreckfest on PS5 and Battlefield V and Stranded Deep on PS4.

Announced on PlayStation.Blog, these three games will be available to all PlayStation Plus members who can add them to their library from May 4 to May 31.

Wreckfest, originally slated for a $ 10 PS5 update on June 1, is a full-contact racing game created by the creator of FlatOut. Players will have to race and improve “patched up cars” while competing against others to reach the finish line first.

Battlefield V is the latest installment in the popular franchise and this game takes players back to WWII. The arrival of Battlefield V on PlayStation Plus appears to coincide with the upcoming unveiling of Battlefield 6, which promises to be “the greatest game in the history of the series.” “

In our review of Battlefield V, we said that “the direction taken by squadron and infantry fighting is very interesting in Battlefield V, but the bugs and that feeling of seeing a game not quite finished take its toll. . It will be necessary to see if all this improves over time. “

Stranded Deep is a game that will test your survival skills in an open world adventure set in the “vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.” You are stranded after a mysterious plane crash and must do what you can to survive.

PlayStation is also reminding players to add the April 2021 PlayStation Plus games, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead Way, before they leave the service on May 3, 2021.

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