PlayStation Plus: what’s new for March 2021

In March, Sony goes crazy with several interesting games for its subscribers of the service Playstation plus.

First, the role-playing and action game Final Fantasy VII: Remake which closed yesterday’s State of Play video will be offered for free. Note that this will be the original PlayStation 4 version, as the upgrade won’t be available until June 10, 2021. And anyway, you won’t be able to upgrade to the upgraded version with the free download.

The second game in the list is Remnant: From the Ashes. This is a third person experience (TPS) in the genre shoot action and survival. Explore dynamically generated worlds, blast monsters and try to save your own skin.

The PlayStation 5 game for March is Model, a living puzzle in the first person. To progress and solve the puzzles, you have to manipulate an environment presented in the form of a diorama. Any changes made to it will then be reflected in the world around you, which is actually a larger version of the diorama.

Another release awaits PlayStation Plus service subscribers in March: Farpoint, a game developed for the PlayStation VR virtual reality device.

In this unique FPS, explore a hostile planet and fight aliens with a state-of-the-art arsenal. The game is optimized for the PlayStation VR Aim controller, but also compatible with the DualShock controller. An online cooperative mode is also available.

Finally, All-Stars Destruction continues its run as a free PlayStation Plus. The download will be available until April 5, 2021. After the fact, the price will be around $ 20 to add the game from Lucid Games to its PlayStation 5 console.

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