PlayStation Plus will never have the same model as Game Pass

While Microsoft continues to enjoy success with its Xbox Game Pass, following this model is unthinkable for Sony.

The strength of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is to offer all of its subscription games, even ambitious AAA titles, as soon as they’re released. Many PlayStation gamers would love to see PlayStation Plus go in the same direction, but the manufacturer and developer just killed all hopes of a potential Sony-style Game Pass.

While Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, said he would not “comment on competitors” during the company’s latest financial call, statements made there point to a failure to comment on the PlayStation console equivalent of Game Pass.

Danger for quality games

At the moment, Sony is concentrating on its development and the development of its projects. PlayStation head Jim Ryan has said in the past that “games are getting bigger, better, prettier, richer, and their stories are stronger,” and that to continue that, it would be impossible to host their games on a subscription basis as a punishment for not being able to invest as much in these projects.

Hiroki Totoki used this call to confirm this wish:

“PS5 AAA titles, if we chose to offer them in our subscriptions, we would probably have to reduce our investment dedicated to them, which would reduce the quality of our own games, and that worries us.”

So we won’t be seeing God of War: Ragnarok or other PlayStation Studios titles coming to a PlayStation Plus subscription anytime soon. But the new versions of subscriptions will offer alternatives to the lack of recent headlines.

PlayStation always bigger

Lacking the latest releases, the PlayStation Plus catalog will be enriched with other little nuggets of present and past. The new premium tier, in particular, will offer 340 additional games that were previously part of the PlayStation Now subscription, as well as a whole range of games for different ages and generations of consoles. Indeed, it will be possible to access the catalog of PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and even PSP games! It’s unfortunate to see the Playstation Vita being left out, but it’s not out of the question that games from that platform will also appear once the new service is rolled out.

However, trial versions of major AAA games will be available in this new subscription so you can try them out before making a purchase decision. You can find detailed information about the services offered in the new PlayStation Plus formats right here.

It remains to be seen if this new recipe will be enough to handle Game Pass without being able to offer so many new features.

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