PlayStation sales at an all-time high

PlayStation 4 sales still outperforming Xbox One > After several trials on both sides, and after some incredible struggles on older generation consoles (xbox 360, PS3), it’s clear that Microsoft is still failing to rebuild its image. moreover, many conflicting announcements were made before the marketing of the Xbox One.

The obligatory Internet connection, the impossibility of reselling or lending games, …, the numerous announcements that preceded the release of the latest Microsoft release, did not allow us to leave with full confidence in this new looming battle.

Although the American firm changed course to return to a more secure footing, consumers and potential future buyers felt betrayed; since then, the Xbox One has never been able to take over the Sony PS4, despite good intentions and great video games.

For some time now, Microsoft hasn’t officially released the number of Xbox One consoles it’s sold, and so estimates need to be made to learn one of the disturbing truths about this American giant.

PlayStation 4 sales still outperform Xbox One

Not too long ago, Electronic Arts announced that the combined sales of PS4 and Xbox One reached 55 million units, and Sony recently proudly announced that it has sold over 40 million units worldwide; over time, we can expect Xbox One sales to double; the story will finally touch the Xbox company.

PlayStation 4 sales still outperform Xbox One

But on the side of Microsoft, we still do not admit defeat, on the contrary. Though with lower sales than its rival, the Xbox affiliate is turning a profit, and Microsoft is bringing the Xbox One S, a slim model of its console, to market this summer, as companies are now accustomed to doing. With a larger hard drive and 40% smaller size than its bigger sister, the Xbox One S should generate several million additional sales in anticipation of the Xbox One Scorpio, the most powerful gaming console ever made. Microsoft.

For Sony, this is a new fight looming on the horizon, and we can already count on the responsiveness of the Japanese. If nothing was announced at E3, Sony has a PS4K or PS4 Neo 4K in its boxes, another much more powerful model of its PS4 that should see the light of day; according to the latest rumors.

With a listing price of 399 euros; just like the PS4 when it was released, can we really play games in 4K at 60fps? Doubts about this possibility are fading, but there is still confidence that the next few months are likely to be decisive and mark a major turning point in this sales race that Sony has led for far too long.

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