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Good news for players for whom cross-play has become essential, especially in these times of a global pandemic.

In an interview with Axios, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, returned to the possibility of playing cross-play on PlayStation. He said that “ we support and encourage cross-play “. He specifically referred to a number of games that already have the feature, such as the popular Fortnite, Rocket league or Call of Duty, but also to Destiny 2 whose cross-play should soon be available.

This contradicts allegations made in May, when the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games was still raging. In legal documents presented to the court, it was mentioned that Sony was demanding compensation from game developers in exchange for enabling cross-play on PlayStation.

This therefore confirmed that Sony was very reluctant to cross-play, but above all to cross-buy, which is the act of paying for micro-transactions on one platform and profiting from its purchases on another. This prevents Sony from receiving its commission during purchases and therefore deprives the company of part of its income, which it compensates with the “cross-play tax”.

A new start for PlayStation

It therefore seems that Sony wants to put an end to this image, and specifies that the number of games available in cross-play will ” keep growing “. We can therefore legitimately wonder if the company will give up compensation for developers, or even if Borderlands 3 will be able to benefit from cross-play at the same time as the other platforms.

Indeed, Gearbox Software, by announcing the arrival of cross-play for the third installment of the franchise Borderlands, had mentioned that the PlayStation consoles would be the only ones not to be able to benefit from it, but no reason was revealed.

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