PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty service that’s been heavily criticized for its divisive perks

Solution that doesn’t work…

A few hours ago we learned that sony launched the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. Referring to Microsoft’s reward system, the Japanese firm intended to reward its players with various gifts.

Free for all PlayStation 4 owners and playstation5, this subscription was intended for additional entertainment. Expected on October 13 in our country, the service, available in the PlayStation app (on iOS and Android), as well as directly on the Sony website, explains in this way that it will be possible to receive rewards by completing various tasks: connect once a month, be one of the first players to earn a platinum trophy on a certain game, find out which game the sound index belongs to… in short, missions to earn dematerialized rewards, as well as loyalty points that can be converted into PSN wallet funds. And enough to reward those who play on the brand’s consoles. So far, nothing bad. Vice versa.

However, while the service only appeared in Japan, it turned out that Sony caused a lively controversy. The crux of the matter lies in the levels of status an audience can achieve over time. Indeed, depending on the number of rare trophies won and the number of games purchased from the Playstation Store, each member will see their rank rise to level 4, thus increasing the respective rewards. So far, nothing bad.

However, and therein lies the problem, those who reach Grade 4 will have a special benefit: privileged access to the brand’s customer service. Thus, any person with such a rank will have priority when applying to the appropriate service.

If the customer service must, in the first place, in no way favor one customer over another, in this case the situation is even worse, since in order to reach this famous level 4, the player must obtain 128 rare trophies, but also purchase four full games from the PlayStation Store .

In short, by acting in this way, in addition to establishing a loyalty hierarchy, PlayStation Stars also imposes a monetary hierarchy that does not go through. And that is why the reviews were not long in coming on the Internet, as winds it up VGCpointing out the injustice in question:

There are people who love and play only a few games, and there are players who cannot afford neither money nor time.

If you level up based on game time or whatever, that’s fine, but ranking them based on what you take is unlikely to get a very good response.

I bought a PS5 just for Final Fantasy 16 – is it normal for someone like that to put it off until later?

Thus, the newly launched PlayStation Stars service became the subject of considerable controversy. But with the gradual rollout around the world for the purpose of testing apartments, we can imagine without much doubt that Sony will correct the situation very soon or justify its position with a more detailed explanation.


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