PlayStation: Status to be announced soon? – Act …

There have been a few noises from the hallways lately, in part to remind us of another PlayStation event this January. And if, of course, we have to wait a little longer to find out if this is really the case, we can still see our doubts dissipate … but only a little.

Game state coming soon?

So yes, we will not consider what has just been said as a word wrapped in an omnipotent aura of Truth. However, given its origins, we can only be sure that this so-called game state will arrive very soon. For good reason, it’s to the well-known insider The Snitch, who cracked down last summer by announcing several games in advance, that we owe these new comments, which thus give more weight to the rumors.

But if the latter confirms (through disagreement) that something is indeed brewing behind the scenes, it nevertheless reveals the target date, even if we can understand that it is only a story of a few days. Therefore, we will patiently wait for confirmation from Sony. However, even if everything is still to be determined – for example, a reserved program – players should apparently face some disappointments. Because yes, it would seem that no PlayStation exclusivity (like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2) is concerned.

In fact, this will mainly serve to highlight games from third party publishers, which usually include upcoming games this summer like Street Fighter 6 or Final Fantasy 16, not to mention games like Alan Wake 2 which is still planned for this summer. 2023

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